The Royal Treatment at Home for Your Dog

Wrap your dog in a soft, comfortable terry bathrobe and let the pampering begin! This bathrobe is so cute, you’ll want to schedule weekly spa treatments for your dog at home. In fact, that’s actually easier than ever with the availability of spa-like, all natural dog shampoos, conditioners, coat-brighteners, and spritzers available for dogs online.

Natural, holistic ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe and Green Tea are safe for your dog and can heal, soothe and make your dog’s coat shine. Cain and Able Spa Products and Happy Tails are two manufacturers whose products are made from safe, natural ingredients that are specially formulated with soothing, spa-quality ingredients. Many common dog problems like dry skin, hot spots, and dull coats are easily tackled yourself with products that include Shea Butter, Yogurt and Honey. The results can be amazing. Even tough problems like bad dog breath and gas have natural solutions for your dog.

If you try a spa experience for your dog at home, we’re sure you’ll both enjoy it!

Ultra Easy ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar

Want a better way to walk with your dog?┬áThe ChokeFree Dog Harness or Pet Shoulder Collar avoids any pressure to your dog’s neck or airway making it a great alternative for dogs of all sizes.┬áThe ChokeFree alternative prevents those unpleasant sounds of choking, wheezing, and coughing you might experience while restraining your dog with a standard collar or harness. It’s available in 20 great leathers including metallics and non-metallics. Chokefree pet shoulder collars are easy to slip on and have a unique velcro closure with a secure d-ring. Matching leashes are also available to complete the look. The Chokefree dog harness comes in 1″ increments from 8″ to 28″. It’s great for Pugs, Corgis, Malteses, most hounds and collies and many other dogs!

Valentines Day

In the tradition of Valentine’s Day, Suburban Dog House, has gathered some of our favorite gift ideas for dogs to pamper them and show them how much you love them. Our candy hearts bandanna and pink heart rope toy are perfect gifts to celebrate the Holiday and special bond you share. Longer lasting sentiments include a Candy Heart dog bed or a new leather collar in the color of friendship: Pink. Celebrate the dog in your life this Valentine’s Day.