Our 4 Point Value Guarantee:
  1. Quality Products
  2. Everyday Low Prices
  3. Easy Returns
  4. Free Shipping on Orders over $99
Quality Products – You’ll find quality products at Suburban Dog House. Your satisfaction in selecting our products is important to us.
Everyday Low Prices – Suburban Dog House’s pricing policy is based on quality products at reasonable prices. We check and research products so that you can be sure that we are providing products at reasonable prices.
Easy Returns – We understand that there may be many different reasons for returning products. We’ve taken the hassle out of returns by making our return policy simple and easy to follow. If you are not satisfied with a purchase you have 30 days from the date you received the product to return it to us. Just follow our return guidelines to ensure a fast, hassle free return.
Free Shipping on Orders over $99 – Part of our everyday low prices and value is offering Free Shipping on any order over $99. No matter if you choose 1 or 10+ items, the cost of ground shipping to you is Free if your order total is over $99.